couples gift box for a date night in. Items include a bath tea, massage oil, linen spray, bath soak with wooden scoop, feather, tissue hearts to decorate your special space and a card game.
Couples card game
Couples romantic bath tea bags
couples gift box for a date night in. Items include a bath tea, massage oil, linen spray, bath soak with wooden scoop, feather, tissue hearts to decorate your special space and a card game.
Couples romantic linen spray
Couples romantic massage oil
Couples romantic bath soak with wooden scoop
Dried flowers used in the bath tea bags.
Couples romantic bath soak in bowl with the wooden scoop.

Deluxe Romance Box

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Whether it is Valentine's Day, Anniversary, Wedding, or a "Just Because" gift, this box is sure to add a little spice to your day. There will be love in the air, love in the heart, and love in the home. 

Soothing Bath Salts
Get ready to enjoy a romantic bath that will fill your heart with love and soothe your soul at the same time. Experience this warm bath with someone you love or use as part of your favorite self-care routine. This blend combines all-natural essential oils for an amazing aromatherapy soothing soak, and a blend of Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Sea Salt for added minerals, and Epsom salts to relax achy muscles.

Botanical Tub Tea
Tub tea is a mess-free bath that can calm your nerves, moisturize your skin, relax your body, and stimulate blood flow. 

Linen Spray
Our elegantly simple linen spray brings freshness and just the right amount of aromatherapy goodness to your inner sanctuary or any other surroundings where you want to increase the romantic ambiance. All our products are made with the highest quality ingredients.

Massage Oil
Formulated with a base of sweet almond oil and buttery golden jojoba oil, our massage oils were created for absorbency and optimal glide for an irresistibly tantalizing full-body massage. Using nothing but the highest quality ingredients, we are confident you will love this beautiful blend. Made in small batches in the USA with love. 

Treat Coupons
To keep the spirit going after the 14th, we have included coupons for acts of love to be redeemed at your discretion.

A perfect addition to any romantic evening. Will come in either Grey or Ivory.

How To Use:

Soothing Bath Salts-
Fill the tub with warm or desired temperature water. Scoop the desired amount into the tub. Soak, relax, and unwind in the soul-soothing waters.

Botanical Tub Tea-
Hang a botanical tub tea bag from the faucet of your tub, with warm water running over it. Fill the tub to the desired level and relax in a floral-infused bath. When you have finished filling the tub you can continue to “steep” your bath tea by removing the bag from the facet and placing it directly into your bathwater. 

Linen Spray -
Shake before use and spray generously over pillows and sheets for an added aromatherapy experience.

Massage Oil-
Shake before use, pour a small amount into your palm then rub into the skin for a smooth, hydrating, and invigorating massage.

Treat Coupons- 
For two players, typically a couple, place all coupons face down on a table. Taking turns, each person picks one until all coupons are chosen. Decide how long each has to redeem a coupon with the other. It can be a week, a month, or an entire year. Your choice.  You can also be fearless and creative and make up your own rules!


Soothing Bath Salts-
Himalayan Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Baking Soda, Essential Oils, Apricot Kernel Oil.* 

Botanical Tub Tea-
Dried Flowers (Lavender, Calendula, Chamomile, Jasmine, Rose Petals). 

Massage Oil-
Sweet almond oil, golden jojoba oil, polysorbate 80 (to help with emulsification), sweet orange and lemon essential oils.*

Linen Spray-
Rose Hydrosol, Ylang Ylang Therapeutic Grade essential oil, Grain Alcohol, Purified Water, polysorbate 80.


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