Sensory activity box for kids with hot wheel car, paint your own suncatcher, Dino sensory sand, card game, bouncy ball, wooden airplane and fidget popper.
Kids dino sensory sand
Bouncy Balls grouped together
Card Games
Crayola Suncatchers
Fidget poppers
Wooden Airplane

Kids Activity Box

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A Kids Activity Box is the perfect way to engage your kiddos and spark creative play! This sensory box for your youngsters contains fun activities and surprises that your kids are sure to love. Keep screen time to a minimum and let your youngsters explore their imagination!

This dynamic sand encourages your child to create an imaginary world of their own. Sand is an amazing sensory activity for kids. They explore their sense of touch and discover the wonderful texture of sand. There are hours of fun and learning to be enjoyed as sensory sand promotes and encourages imaginative play! Dinosaurs roam the land, meet other dinosaurs, avoid volcanic eruptions, eat trees, and move boulders. Even a dinosaur egg can be found and hatched. What an exciting world your child will create! Store in a sealed container to extend the life of your Dino Sensory Sand.

Whether your child likes to pretend to race or add to their collection, this Hot Wheels vehicle will spur on even more imaginary play.

This colorful glider is so easy to assemble and safe to fly. Just attach the wings to the middle, the flaps on the end, and the propeller (weight) to the front, being careful to not bend the pieces. Launch it at a slight angle up and watch it soar! Both boys and girls love piloting these gliders through the sky on an imaginary journey!

When it’s time to sit down for quiet play, pull out this fun paint set! Your artist can hang this in a window to be admired for days, or gift to a favorite relative, teacher, or friend.

When the time comes to burn off some energy, a ball is such a fun way to get outside and move!

The brightly colored fidget popper is said to help reduce stress. Made of pliable silicone, it can be folded, put in a pocket, and taken anywhere for instant fun and relaxation.

Fish, Snap, Family, or Crazy Eights card games are all great games to be played with family or friends. Playing games with others is not only educational but it can also help build your child’s socialization skills.

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